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Open Garage Door Without Power

Most people don’t want to go out when the wind is strong and a storm is raging, but they don’t want to get locked in too. As a result of this, we get lots of calls from customers about their garage doors not opening as a result of power outage. If you find yourself in… Continue reading Open Garage Door Without Power

3 Garage Door Common Problems

The most heavily used entries to your home are Garage doors. “The Other Front Door” is the name they have been called and it is duly acceptable that they are maintained or repaired once in a while.


Keeping Your Garage Warm this winter

Insulate Your Garage from the Harsh Weather This might be hard to believe because it’s a neglected area in most homes, but allowing warm air escape from your garage makes a big dent in your utility bills. Apart from that, if tools are stored in the garage, the cold may damage it. As a result,… Continue reading Keeping Your Garage Warm this winter

The Importance of Garage Door Check-up

Most of the people who own garage doors do not worry about it until the door is faulty and in need of repairs. This is when they start looking around for a garage door specialist.


5 Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

People find it very easy to take garage door for granted. They are however a very important and useful part of a home. They provide curb appeal, provide utility and of course, increase the value of your property. Garage doors have sophisticated systems that allow them to work quietly in the background.