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10 Security Tips And Garage Door Safety

10 Security Tips And Garage Door Safety

Garages are awesome because of many reasons ranging from storage, projects in the home, but despite the many reasons, they might as well be a safety and security problems.  With the help of the International Door Association (IDA) and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), the Overhead Door Corporation has made this line-up of tips to make sure that all things and every person are protected and secured.

  1. Ensure that the control button of the garage door opener is not in the sight of the little children. The location should be 4-5ft just above the ground.
  1. Never allow your child to play with the remote controls of the garage door. A whole lot of injuries a particular year can be averted.
  1. Call on the owner’s guide and know how to use the emergency release function of the garage’s door. (It’s mostly a red cord and handle).
  1. Clearly supervise the door of the garage every month. Check for signs of wear by watching at the springs, cables, pulleys and rollers. On no account should any parts fixed with them either be removed or repaired. A professional repairman must make changes to all the parts, that which are under high tension.
  1. The garage door opener’s reverse mechanism must be examined every month by putting a 2 x 4 board or a paper towels roll through the door’s path. If the door doesn’t change after contact with the object, call a certified garage door expertise for repair. In case the opener hasn’t been changed since 1993, you should immediately consider a new garage door opener with auto reverse as standard feature.
  1. Fingers should not be put between the door sections and children should be made to understand the dangers. Look for door with panels that cannot pinch if you have little children.
  1. The garage door should not be left partly open. When triggered again, it might make a downward journey and contract with any object in its direction. It as well has an impact on the security of your home.
  1. When you go on holidays, put off the unit opener of the garage door or make do with vacation lock console security switch, which makes the remotes unusable and an optional component to majority of the openers.
  1. If there is no rolling-code technology on the opener, that which changes the access codes every time the opener which is for preventing code grabbing, make sure the manufacturer’s built-in access codes on the remote control and the opener is changed, or investing in a newer model with many security and safety features must be considered.
  1. There is a way of getting access to the house by stealing the car or opener and this is the new trend in invasion of home. The remote control should not be left in the car or with attendant in charge of parking. It is advisable to use a key chain remote and the entry to the inside of your home should be locked and this is mostly when your opener is programmed to your car. It is for safety and security purpose.

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