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Before winter bears down upon us…

Before winter bears down upon us…

To avoid having to repair your garage door during the winter season, make sure it is in good working condition before it starts to get cold. Any misalignment, cracking or wear will definitely get worse with winter’s rougher conditions. Endeavour to make these repair jobs when the weather is still friendly.

The following checks should be carried out;

  1. Test the Balance of Your Door


  • With the garage door closed, pull the red release cord to disconnect the door from the opener.
  • Lift the garage door manually to waist level and keep it steady.
  • Now, release the door. It should stay at waist height. If it goes down on its own, it needs adjustment. If it goes up, it means the door is ‘hot’ and the springs are tightly wound, hereby pulling it back up.

Both of these scenarios wear out the garage door opener, making it work against the door spring pulling it, or against gravity pulling the door down.

  • If your door moves as stated above, the garage door and springs need to be adjusted and balanced by a professional.


  1. Visual Examination of Parts

Garage Door Parts


  • Make sure the tracks are not bent or rusting anywhere.
  • Examine the hinges on your door; ensure it is not cracked, loose or rusty.
  • Check for signs of rust and wear by examining the rollers-on the tracks-thoroughly.
  • Check the seal around the garage door while it is firmly closed; make sure no light is visible from all sides.
  • Make sure the cables are not rusting, fraying at the edges, or wearing out.

If any of the checks above show any part worn or rusting, call a professional.

  1. Check Bottom seal

The bottom seal of you garage door is either tube-shaped or a solid black flap, allowing for a tight seal and noiseless close. In the fall, rodents-rats, squirrels, chipmunks-sometimes chew through the seal to get into the garage for warmth or to find food.

Make the effort to inspect your bottom seal throughout the fall season to make sure no animals damage the seal while trying to get in. Damaged seals should be replaced so as to keep your door fully weather-proof.

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