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Garage Door Care – A Basic Check-Up

Garage Door Care – A Basic Check-Up

A cursory examination of your door can end up saving you money, time and sometimes needless headache.

Once every year, give a few minutes to making sure that your garage door (one of the largest equipment you have) is in good working condition. June is the month for garage door safety-that’s a good time as any to make your yearly inspection.

Simple steps to follow;

  • Check the garage door cables, springs, pulleys, rollers and other parts for proof of wear and tear. If any problem you can’t fix yourself is discovered, contact your garage door specialist.
  • All the extension springs (springs on top of the track) should have safety springs installed. Check the cables for signs of fraying or breakage. If any is found, contact tour garage door specialist.
  • Adjusting or loosening of screws in the lower portion of the door is quite dangerous; this is because the brackets are attached with the springs by lift cords and this is under tension. It’s okay to tighten them if they’re loose.
  • Garage door springs and sometimes cables are always under very high tension. If not handled properly, it might cause injury and maybe even death. Do not try to fix or re-adjust springs on your own, only a certified technician should do that.

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