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What to Do When Your Garage Door Opens by Itself

What to Do When Your Garage Door Opens by Itself

What to Do When Your Garage Door Opens by Itself

A garage door is a critical but regularly overlooked thing of your house. It enhances your private home’s minimize attraction and presents added security and convenience in your family. Given the common use of garage doorways, they endure significant wear and tear, which we won’t completely appreciate until problems get up.

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Garage doors are intricate systems, or even minor malfunctions can impact the whole door’s operation. One not unusual issue is a garage door that opens by itself, suggesting a likely malfunction inside the system.

Here are 3 possible reasons for this phenomenon and some trustworthy solutions you would possibly need to consider:

  1. Radio Interference:

Garage doors use radio frequencies to function. Devices like CB radios, police radios, or maybe your neighbor’s garage door opener can affect these frequencies. If your garage door and some other device are set to the same frequency, it would make your door open. The answer is straightforward: reprogram your garage door openers to a one of a kind frequency to clear up this difficulty.

  • Clear Out Debris:

Automatic garage doors have safety sensors close to the ground to prevent the door from crushing items. If your door reopens when it gets close to the ground, check out the area for debris that is probably blocking the sensors. Clearing any obstructions ought to allow the door to close well.

  • Check the Remote Opener:

A malfunctioning opener can also cause your garage door to open on its own. Issues could be due to grimy contacts or failing batteries. Check the remotes contacts and replace the batteries to see if this resolves the trouble.

Seeking Professional Help:

When troubleshooting doesn’t solve the difficulty, it is probably time to seek advice from a professional. At Solution Garage Doors, we’re ready to diagnose and repair any garage door trouble, ensuring it operates easily again. Contact us today to schedule your repair!

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