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Garage Remotes Batteries Are Important

Garage Remotes Batteries Are Important

Many calls about problems with a garage door remote control are got by us. It is usually a simple problem, either weak or old battery. When it comes to garage door remotes, batteries are important. 

Here is a checklist through which many problems are solved:

The battery should be replaced first! 

A great percentage of the problems experienced with garage door remotes are caused by old batteries. 9-volt or round watch style batteries are used by many remotes which are usually found close to the house or stores.

It is important to replace the battery even if the remote is new. Some remotes stay on the shelves on the warehouse a long time.

You will need to split the case into half if the battery is to be accessed on some remotes.  If a little round indentation on the edges of the remote is noticed, this is usually the case. The visor clip that is attached can be removed and it works well for this. If the remote is a non visor style remote or there is unavailability of the clip, a penny or dime usually works fine. The end of the visor clip should be placed into the indentation and twist. The case supposed to snap apart. Just like a TV remote control, there is a small sliding door to access the battery which other remotes have.

The Remote should be Reprogrammed
If the problem is not solved by replacing the battery then reprogramming it should be considered.

  • The position of the switches on the back of the garage door opener should match the switches position if the remote has a row of small switches inside.
  • You need to follow the programming steps found in the owner’s manual for the garage door if the remote is programmable.
  • You can check the manufacturer’s website if you cannot locate your owner’s manual. There are manuals that can be found online for most garage door openers that were manufactured in the last 5 to 10 years.

The Remote Control should be replaced

•You may need a new remote control if the steps above did not resolve the problem.


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