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3 Garage Door Common Problems

3 Garage Door Common Problems

The most heavily used entries to your home are Garage doors. “The Other Front Door” is the name they have been called and it is duly acceptable that they are maintained or repaired once in a while. While you can fix some problems, expertise of a garage door professional is required on some. These are the three most garage door problems and how you can fix them.

1) Door will not close and reverse automatically. 

If the door closes and reverses itself it is the occurrence of issue and this is the major problem. Damage of the photo electric sensors is the cause of this 95% of the time. Both sides of the door frame toward the bottom are mounted with the “safety eyes”. If there is something in the doorway, the sensors are made to reverse the closing door. The sensors must align with one another in order to function properly.

If the lights flashes, know that the sensors are not aligned or something is in the way. Adjust the sensors slowly until the lights no longer flash and the sensors aligned. Contact your garage door professional if this does not solve the problem.

2) Closing or opening the door in difficulty  

Difficulty in operating the garage properly is a common problem with residential garage doors.  A poorly lubricated door is usually the cause sometimes. A silicone based lubricant should be used and never WE40. Unhinge the door from your garage opener by pulling the emergency release cord. Disengage if the door moves freely with the opener, know that the problem is with the opener and professional repair will be required.
3) Noisy or Jammed Door Springs
High tension door springs opens the garage doors which makes it close and open easily.  To ensure proper tension, the springs need to be adequately maintained. Call a garage door repair professional to service it if the spring jams or makes too much noise. Garage door springs should never be worked by you because they can cause serious harm because they are dangerous.


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