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Identify the 7 Parts of Your Garage Door

Identify the 7 Parts of Your Garage Door

Often, people have issues with their garage doors but they can’t even figure out what is wrong or what part is faulty.

We’ll take a moment now to label and explain the parts of a garage door so the cause of any issue/problem can be easily identified.

  1. Doors and Sections

The door has different sections that can be dented or damaged, most times by cars accidentally running into a closed door.

  • Hinges

The door bends with the movement of the hinges and these require lubricants to aid movement and avoid cracking or wearing.

  • Safety Sensors

Sensors are located on either side of the door close to the floor. One sensor emits a laser while the other receives it, and if the line of communication between them is obstructed, the garage door will not go down. If your door only goes down a few inches before going back up, the sensors may be misaligned.

  • Tracks

There are tracks on either side of the garage door and leading up to the garage ceilings that serve as guides for the door. Effort should be made to lubricate these tracks too, and debris should be regularly removed.

  • Spring

Above the door is a torsion spring, this spring is under a lot of tension as it supplies the power to lift the very heavy door. Any fault involving springs should not be fixed by an amateur and should be left to professionals. (Older model doors are sometimes made with an extension spring which runs along the horizontal track, and are fitted with safety cables.)

  • Opener

Garage door openers have become more sophisticated over the years. Openers are now equipped with more safety features, and can be controlled and monitored from a computer or a Smartphone.

  • Bottom Seal

The seal serves several purposes; protection from weather, tight fit for closed doors and cushion for the door as it closes. If your seal becomes brittle or loose, contact a professional for a quick replacement.

Armed with this new information, your garage door issues should become less befuddling.

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