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Garage Door Tutorial: R-values

Garage Door Tutorial: R-values

The garage door is a large fixture in a house; this makes it very susceptible to the most extreme weather. A garage door with adequate insulation helps prevent the transfer of cold breeze into your garage or warm air out of it. This helps improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

When researching all available types of garage doors, you will probably have heard the term “R-Value”. This is a measurement having to do with the insulation in garage doors.

What is an R-Value?

An R-Value is a measurement of heat resistance used by construction and building industries. Precisely, R-Value is defined as the thermal resistance to the flow of heat. Manufacturers introduce R-Values as a measure of checking the energy efficiency of various products. R-Value calculation is made on the width on the insulation with the chemical properties.

Concerning R-Values

The larger the R-Value of a material, the better its insulation properties

Nevertheless, an R-16 value isn’t necessarily twice better than say, a value of R-8 i.e. it doesn’t offer 2 times more energy savings or twice the thermal resistance. In reality, an R-16 value has a 5% reduction in the flow of heat and 5% advancement in energy management over an R-8 value.

See the R-value chart below for comparison.


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