10 Security Tips And Garage Door Safety

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Keeping Your Garage Warm this winter

Insulate Your Garage from the Harsh Weather

This might be hard to believe because it’s a neglected area in most homes, but allowing warm air escape from your garage makes a big dent in your utility bills.

Apart from that, if tools are stored in the garage, the cold may damage it. As a result, it is advisable, as it gets colder, to make sure your garage and garage door is properly insulated against the cold. Continue reading


Prepare Your Garage Door For Winter

Winter is close at hand, it is therefore important to pass your garage door through this checklist before it disappoints you. The process doesn’t take time-less than 30 minutes, and it can be done using household items.

  1. Examine the battery in your remote control

Depending on how much you make use of your garage door, the battery may last up to a year. It’s smart to always have a spare battery handy. Continue reading

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Having your Garage Door Replaced? Buy a Model with Window Panels.

Garage doors that support window panels have the advantage, not only in style, but also in the way it brightens your workspace.

When planning on a garage door replacement, it is advisable to go for models with window panels, if not for aesthetics but also as a safety measure. If you put out the light in your garage, will you see the things around you? Avoid tripping in the dark and upgrade to the numerous advantages of window-paneled garage doors. Continue reading