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Identify the 7 Parts of Your Garage Door

Often, people have issues with their garage doors but they can’t even figure out what is wrong or what part is faulty. We’ll take a moment now to label and explain the parts of a garage door so the cause of any issue/problem can be easily identified. Doors and Sections The door has different sections… Continue reading Identify the 7 Parts of Your Garage Door

COVID-19 Alert

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3 Garage Door Common Problems

The most heavily used entries to your home are Garage doors. “The Other Front Door” is the name they have been called and it is duly acceptable that they are maintained or repaired once in a while.

10 Security Tips And Garage Door Safety

Garages are awesome because of many reasons ranging from storage, projects in the home, but despite the many reasons, they might as well be a safety and security problems.