Picking The Right Garage Door Opener


Picking The Right Garage Door Opener

Those who like the do-it-yourself types of projects have grown more and more fond of installing their automatic garage doors by themselves. Along with the sense of pride that comes from a job well done, it is a simple matter to customize variables such as speed and noise. When deciding on the opener that you are going to choose, although there are some pros and cons to each one, the main deciding factor is what you prefer personally. The three main types of openers are discussed below:

Chain Drive Openers

Those who choose the chain drive openers are going for the classic option. This system uses a track to run the door up and down, relying on a J-arm and chain that looks similar to what is found on a bicycle. They are also the oldest and most commonly seen type of openers. There is more noise with this type of opener, and vibrations are usual. This makes them a popular choice for detached garages that are not situated under the master bedroom! One the other hand, the noise made by this opener type is great for the security-conscious homeowner who wants to be forewarned when entrance to the garage is attempted. Over time the technology has improved, but these are still considered to be the best choice economically.

Belt Drive Openers

Belt drive openers are considered to be the caviar of garage door openers. There is very little noise produced, and they are quite sleek in appearance. They are similar in nature to chain drive openers, with the exception that a belt, typically constructed from polyurethane, steel-reinforced rubber, or fibreglass, is used to move the door up and down. The main advantage to having a belt drive system is that there is a large reduction in both noise and vibration. Although they are a little bit more costly than the chain version, they are the quietest of all three.

Screw Drive Openers

This type of opener is completely different from the previous two options. Due to its simple construction, screw drive openers are not submitted to the same force when pulling and pushing the door up and down. With a decreased number of moving parts, the screw drive opener system is by far the easiest to maintain. However, while they are generally the most expensive of the three, and the noisiest, they are also very sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations from season to season.


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