Garage Door Myths that are Common

Garage Door Myths Solution Montreal

Garage Door Myths that are Common

There are a number of myths and misconceptions associated with garage doors just like every other thing. Our favorites are some of these:

The weight of the door is lifted by garage door electric opener. A maximum of ten pounds is allowed to be lifted by the residential garage door openers regardless of the style or brand because of the way it is designed. The lifting are done by the springs. The plastic drive components will suffer extremely if the springs are of old because more weight will be added to it.   

All the garage doors are same.  The life expectancy and performance of garage doors are determined by the styles and quality in which they are available.

Garage doors never require maintenance. A routine maintenance is necessary for maximum performance for garage doors because of the fact that they under immense strain.

All replacements and repair parts are all the same. The commonly used replacements parts are designed for the minimum life cycle rating for the industry. Warranties and future needed services are limited because longer life cycle rated components are barely used.  Longer lasting parts are used by the Solution Garage Door, which ensures trouble free door systems and longer warranties.

Garage door companies are all the same. Technicians who are sub-contractors are used by majority of the garage door companies. Homeowner could be exposed to liability for accidents and injury because of this limitation on the company’s liability. Solution Garage Doors technicians are all the employees of the company.

There is a 15 year warranty against failure of the moving parts for my new garage door. The question must be asked please- there is one year warranty on more than 98% new doors sold on moving parts. Keep looking if the company does not have their own warranty program.

All the garage doors are noisy. Poor installation or failing critical components bring out noise.

If I do garage door repairs myself I can save money and time. This number…911 should be written down.
Garage doors are usually seriously dangerous. About 300lbs is weighed by the average two car doors and which has almost 40 moving parts. Due to the garage door related accidents, 30,000 injuries per year are reported averagely.

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