Having your Garage Door Replaced? Buy a Model with Window Panels.

Fenetres Porte De Garage Door Windows

Having your Garage Door Replaced? Buy a Model with Window Panels.

Garage doors that support window panels have the advantage, not only in style, but also in the way it brightens your workspace.

When planning on a garage door replacement, it is advisable to go for models with window panels, if not for aesthetics but also as a safety measure. If you put out the light in your garage, will you see the things around you? Avoid tripping in the dark and upgrade to the numerous advantages of window-paneled garage doors.

Artificial Light is not Good Enough

Without garage doors that have window panels, the alternative way to light up your garage is an artificial light source; this can’t be compared to a natural light source.

Artificial light-very much in general use-increases your electricity bill and reduces your energy efficiency.

All these can be avoided with window panels.

Can’t I Open the Door for Light?

The alternative for artificial lighting is opening your garage door for light. This isn’t so ideal during the colder months, and also because of privacy. An open garage door sometimes brings in dust and often, rodents looking for food.

Decals? Not the real Deal

Some companies sell black vinyl decals that resemble windows. The problem with said decals is that they bring no light or security; if you don’t mind these, and your major concern is the appearance of your house, decals are quite inexpensive.


In a nutshell, considering window panels when thinking of replacing your garage door is advisable because it adds to the aesthetics and prestige of your home, increases safety and it doesn’t hike up your electricity bill.

It also shows refinement and in a way improves the overall appearance of your house.

Environmentally Aware

By using a garage door with window panels, you obviate the need to use electricity to light up your garage. This preserves energy sources and diminishes your carbon footprint. Other ways of being environmentally considerate in your garage door decisions are;

  • Look for garage doors with insulation that provides adequate weather-stripping and reduce the rate at which air penetrates.
  • Even at higher cost, it is advisable to buy the most durable garage door you can find, as this helps to reduce the overall amount of materials used.
  • Buy premium garage doors that used recycled materials; there are garage doors built with recycled steel and aluminum.

It could be said that the perfect garage door is one that is energy-efficient, long-lasting and has window panels.

Searching for New Garage Doors of Good Quality?

As “This Old House” pointed out, “Today’s doors are stronger, more secure, better insulated and they require much less maintenance than their predecessors, and you’ve never before had such a range of choice in materials, styles, colors and window treatments.” Why then should you waste time considering inferior alternatives, when there is such a rich array of options available to you.

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