Garage Door Spring


Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs are an integral part of a garage door. This is what does ALL the heavy lifting. Contrary to popular belief, the garage door opener does not do much work. If your garage door spring breaks…DO NOT USE YOUR OPENER. It will just destroy components in your motor and you will end up with a bigger expense than you started with.

There are two types of springs:
– Extension Springs
– Torsion Springs

Garage door extension springs have been the norm for many years and are the most commonly used springs in North America. . Extension springs are on each side of the door and they both work at the same time. The problem is that over time, one side could be weaker than the other and the door is not getting pulled out evenly.

Torsion springs have been gaining in popularity because of the way they function. These types of srpingsTorsion pull the door right from the center which puts less strain on many other components of the door. Also, when extension springs break, they could cause potential damage to interiors of garages while torsion springs stay on top in place on a bar. Double doors usually have torsion springs.

All types of garage doors have some kind of spring that operates it. It is crucial that you contract out replacement s of garage door springs to professionals. At Solution garage doors, every technician goes through extension training and has to be certified to operate on your door.

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