Fixing Your Garage Door Opener

garage Opener repair

Fixing Your Garage Door Opener

Having problems with the garage door is quite an inconvenience, as if that’s not enough, it also affects your safety. It’s paramount to be certain you garage door opener is in proper working condition i.e. it opens promptly, shuts promptly and it doesn’t accidentally close. It is important to make sure it shuts properly so as to safely secure your home from intruders. If your door opener is in disrepair, here are some factors that might have an effect on the costs.


There are several types of good garage doors and many types of openers too. Not all kinds of garage doors are compatible with all kinds of openers; some of these openers were made to support heavy doors and others, not so heavy doors. It is important to install the correct opener for your door type. By ensuring you have a perfect fit, you can save yourself from some unnecessary costs. It is also important to keep in mind door is lifted by action of the springs, not really the opener. The opener is just there to start and guide the process.



The cost of repairing a door opener can be reduced by ensuring the whole garage door unit is in perfect working condition. This means checking that the tracks on the garage door is greased and in perfect working state.


Provided your garage door opens with a remote, you should check that first if your door doesn’t open on command. All you need to do is to change the battery or replace the remote, other than repair your door opener.


When your garage door doesn’t open, it could also be because there is a basic fault with the door which prevents it from closing and opening properly. Look for any obstruction or misalignment. If the fault is in the door, a garage door specialist might be able to repair it easily and it probably won’t require electrical work, except the fault is in the motor. In that case, the cost to replace that door opener will increase considerably.

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