Is Your Garage Door too Noisy?

Garage door noise

Is Your Garage Door too Noisy?

Has your door gotten noisier than normal, is it so loud that the entire neighborhood knows when you’re entering or leaving? It can be especially annoying to have a noisy garage door if your garage is close to your bedroom.

The easiest and most reliable step to take is to have an accredited, garage door specialist perform an inspection on your door. Annual check-up of garage doors is not so expensive and can ensure the safeness and efficiency of your door for quite a very long time. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Garage doors are relatively complex systems with lots of active parts; which all combine to make your door noisy. Most of them are issues that can be fixed easily by oneself, some of them though are more complex and they often require the attention of a professional.

Here are some quick tips to help fix your noisy garage door on your own;

  1. Check what type of opener your garage door uses; it could be chain, belt, or screw drive. Of these three, the chain drive opener is the noisiest. Applying lubricant to the chain regularly will reduce the tendency of the garage door to become noisy. The chain drive opener is noisier than the screw driver openers, but the screw driver opener also become noisy after a couple of years. Belt drives are the quietest, and they require the minimal maintenance.


  1. Irrespective of maintenance, hinges eventually wear out. Some silicone may help slow it down. When the hinge starts to make a grinding-like noise, that’s the signal that it’s in need of urgent replacement.


  1. If the rollers or the ball-bearings in the pulley get worn and it starts making a sharp ticking noise, the only resort is to replace the bearing. This also should only be done by a licensed garage door professional. The grating-like noise may be because of the bending in the springs’ coils, this makes the coils rub together, starting the noise. The only solution in this case also is changing the springs.


  1. Sometimes the noise you hear from your garage door is from the metal rollers-most garage doors have them. When the metal rubs against a metallic track, it’s quite noisy. This can be alleviated by changing the metal rollers to ball-bearing (nylon) fitted rollers. These are much quieter and need less maintenance.

In conclusion, following these recommendations also performing regular check-ups on your garage door will make the door more durable, last longer, make less noise, and operate smoother. If these tips do not help you out with your garage door noise issue, contact a licensed garage door specialist.

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